The number 13 stands symbolically for: New beginnings, growth and development.

These characteristics are an elementary part of our entire life and contribute every day to the fact that our world is the way it is.

Why exactly the number "13" symbolically represents the whole thing here?

It serves as self-confidence, self-reliance and as motivation.

The whole thing here is a new beginning. Not only for the jewelry and accessory industry, but above all for myself.

Bound in the everyday life of a usual dental technician, I felt daily the desire to be able to develop myself more creatively.

Coincidentally, it was my best homie's birthday and he had been looking for matching jewelry and accessories for his outfits for quite some time.

Why he didn't just buy some for himself? (You can find out here).

I think I've always been the type of person who just loves to be creative and share that with those around me.

So one thing led to another.

I spent a whole year gaining experience in 3D design and manufacturing technology on a daily basis, while getting all the necessary equipment and tools to make it all happen here. Through love to create, creative thinking and the freedom to live out his own individuality, finally "Beros Boutique" was born.

I never had a clear goal. I just always had fun doing what I do, seem to be pretty good at it and know exactly what I want.

To create an upheaval!

An upheaval of the growing industrialization. An upheaval of the destructive urge for perfection and an upheaval of the growing mass production and the accompanying throwaway society. Simply make a contribution to a world in which I would like to live.

A world with more Individuality, Beauty und Longevity.

What I'm getting at is: I believe that everyone is capable of making the world a better place. No matter how, no matter what.

The important thing is to just start doing things that you enjoy. If you can do them well, to continue and just see how things develop.

Not to be discouraged, to stop and to flood your brain with unnecessary thoughts.

Just keep starting over, growing from your experiences and constantly evolving.

We may have only one life. So why not just make the best of it?

"Let the bros shine. For an eternity."