I believe that the whole thing here is an upheaval of the current age.

In a time when more and more people start to fall into the "perfection thinking", I think it is important to be aware again and again that "perfection" is pure illusion and true beauty comes from within.

Instead of being honest with themselves, more and more people present themselves outwardly better than they really are. Just to please others.

Instead of feeling comfortable in their own skin, more and more people start to change their appearance. Just to look like the "stars".

And instead of accepting who they are, more and more people start to doubt themselves. Just because they are not as "perfect" as the world's view suggests.

In some way it is probably also in the nature of humans to compare themselves. But I think it is important to stick to the truth instead of relying on illusive "perfection", which we are constantly shown by the media.

Let's come to the good old saying: "True beauty comes from within."

Because it's only when you turn on common sense that you realize that a perfect outside is worthless, unlike a happy inside. And that will probably never happen if you don't stop striving for something that doesn't really exist in that form.

Jewelry from Beros Boutique is not perfect either. And all this deliberately.

Where other jewelry brands either have their jewelry made in assembly line work or use modern CNC milling machines, creating "perfect" always the same edges and surfaces, at Beros Boutique each unique piece is made exclusively in loving handwork and with the hand mill, worked out and polished.

Because in my opinion, this is where the true beauty lies: in the uniqueness.

And through this you can be sure that you get something that you can not even compare with anything else in this world.

*Excluded are of course things like chain links, basic fabric for caps and hats, lighters, ashtrays or griptapes. These are sensibly not made completely by hand, but only hand-finished.