"It all started with my best homie's birthday."

I would describe him as a stable, self-confident guy who is at the start of every party and always appears freshly styled.

He didn't ask for anything in particular, but I knew he'd been dreaming of matching accessories for his outfits for ages.

His problem was: He does not accept buying expensive branded jewelry that is produced for cents in foreign industries. He finds this 0815 Instagram jewelry brand monotonous and buying mass-produced jewelry from the discounter, which discolors after a short time and ends up in the garbage, is moral waste for him.

I love to be creative and to take things into my own hands. I also knew the problem and have often had to experience myself how jewelry loses its beauty after a short time (I have a whole box full at home).

Through my job in a modern dental laboratory, I have several years of experience with metalworking and finishing, the knowledge of the composition and properties of metals and access to all necessary devices and instruments to be able to process them.

So I thought, I'll just take the whole thing into my own hands and: Let the bro shine!

The plan was to just try something new. Something more durable that he will still have something of in decades to come. A whole 3 days of work with a strong secret agent feeling (work colleagues were not allowed to notice anything).

So that he feels comfortable: a design that is precisely tailored to him. So that he can be sure that the shine will last forever: a special material , many times harder and more resistant than silver, gold and even titanium. And so that it really shines: The whole thing is polished with the best diamond abrasives that can be found on the market!

On his birthday (both of us full of blue HAHA), he received his present with the words: "Bro there is love in it. I want you to wear it every day!"

He's been doing that ever since and he looks fresher than ever. The joy it gave him and the shine he radiated with it is indescribable.

And since his jewelry is now made from materials that are normally used in the construction of fighter planes, the Bro doesn't need to worry anymore: no scratches and no discoloration from the skin. The shine remains stable.

And if the Bro hasn't lost his chain, they'll both still shine today!

"Let the bros shine. For an eternity!"

PS: I knew from the start that the whole thing had great potential here. However, I really didn't expect it to come as far as it already is. Thanks to everyone for all the love and great support. I am very curious how the whole thing will develop here.